Coordinating communities – highlights from LocalGovCamp 2017

Coordinating communities – highlights from LocalGovCamp 2017

The UK’s LocalGovDigital movement continues to gather pace. Now in its eighth year, their live unconference: LocalGovCamp (no tents required) proves their genuine commitment to innovation for citizens. Here’s some of the most important stuff I jotted down from each session, although I must admit it was tough to decide which sessions to go to – there were so many excellent pitches.

What next for community journalism?

Folk Labs have been working with Herne Hill’s Neighbourhood Forum since 2013 to relaunch their old site. In March we relaunched a new Drupal-based system for them which we call “OpenLocal”.

Describing “government as a platform”

“Government as a platform”, a term originally coined by Tim O’Reilly in 2010, has been a growing topic of discussion in central and local government in the UK, particularly in the past 12 months. The work we’re currently doing with DCLG on Waste standards will hopefully form a piece of the puzzle in supporting the government as platform concept.