Joju Solar digital sales brochure

The front cover of Joju's social housing brochure showing a solar installation team fitting a new array

A pioneering company who pride themselves on both their advanced technical solar expertise and community and eco-friendly focus, Joju are a perfect client for Folk Labs.

Joju Solar asked us to design a digital brochure – the first in a series – to support their new marketing initiative to engage with social housing providers.

What we did

We developed this simple, five-page PDF to be emailed out to prospects. Adopting the same principles we’d use to build a website landing page, the PDF was configured to scroll seamlessly – just as a web page would. But we intentionally also designed the layout and grid in such a way that each page could be printed off to fill an A4 sheet, to enable internal procurement teams to review the documentation offline. This project is a great illustration of Folk Labs’ human-centred approach to design. Our specialisation in both print and digital allows us to think about all our project from an online as well as offline perspective.

Joju's social housing brochure